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Create a global community that empowers vulnerable urban residents to escape the poverty trap by increasing their support system resilience to Natural-Human hazards.

We operate in Hanoi, with the ambition to scale-up  to other large cities in South East ASIA.

what we do?

ARUSEA provides vulnerable urban residents around Hanoi the support they need to be resilient to human-natural hazards and escape poverty by moving towards economic stability.


Our approach to increasing resilience of the support system of  vulnerable urban residents to natural-human hazards and achieving economic stability has social entrepreneurs at its center.


Because social leaders and their organizations are creating innovative models to drive equilibrium change—the disruption of social, economic, and political forces that enable unsafe, non-inclusive, inequality, injustice, and other thorny social and environmental problems to persist.

the community

Social transformation is never the work of a single actor. It is almost always the result of powerful connection and collaboration between innovators, agitators, thought leaders, and those who hold levers of power in business and government. ARUSEA provide a space to help forge those connections and morph them into real partnerships and impact.

Our approach is to combine our experience with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and multi-hazards with the evidence-based approach of the Forensic Investigation of Disasters (FORIN) and the transformative and long lasting impact of social business.

Helping Hands


Disasters risk are not natural but socially constructed and requires social action to manage them.


Dinh Quoc Nguyễn & Andres Payo 

ARUSEA founders


"Disasters have come to be understood not as one-off events, but rather as socially constructed processes unfolding over time, intimately related to ongoing social processes often associated with misinformed development"

Anthony Oliver-Smith |Irasema Alcántara-Ayala | Ian Burton and Allan Lavell

Forensic Investigations of Disasters (FORIN) 

A social business is a company with a social mission at its core. Set up to solve a specific problem to the benefit of poor or disadvantaged members of society. Social businesses operate exactly like normal companies except for a few small differences. 

  • Unlike a charity, a social businesses generates profit and aims to be financially self sustaining. Removing the need for fundraising allows social businesses to re-invest profits back into generating sustainable social impact.

  • A social business is either created by the disadvantaged population it serves or serves them as its primary customers.

  • 100% of the company profits are reinvested in continuing the company’s social mission.


The success of ARUSEA is measured by the number of households empowered to scape the poverty trap in South East Asia Region.

We have until Dec 2021 to create the network and get it rolling 

The Network will add value to existing knowledge largely through the integration of researchers and stakeholders and through the atypically broad church of research disciplines to be engaged, which we demonstrate in the initial and committed membership.

We will deliver our objectives through three workshops (and related activities).


The first workshop will allows Network members to effectively teach other members about their perspectives, methodologies, language and assumptions. In this first worhskop we will introduce the idea of how to build a poverty scape plan from an examination of how disasters have affected in the past, and are likely to be affecting in the future, the most vulnerable popupations living on non-planned urban areas.

The second workshop the team will present a poverty scape plan for building on a set of selected disasters identified during the first workshop.


Building on the experience gained in Hanoi area, a third workshop will present a synthesis (a road-map that articulates a common resilience approach or plan) to high-level decision makers from relevant cities in SE Asia.

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