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Giúp đỡ nhau professionals

"Giúp đỡ nhau" is vietnamesse for "help each other". As a Giúp đỡ nhau profesional member you are professional that offer your services to help each other for free or at a lower cost for the public good.

Heart & Hands

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Social entrepreneurs

You are  an individual , group, start up company or entrepreneur, that develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues.

Gear Wheels

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You are an individual willing to support ARUSEA’s vission volunteering to
any of the activities that we do


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We are developing a Network constituency that includes: researchers, decision and policy makers, managers (land-use, disaster, etc.), planners (city, rural, etc.), community leaders (particularly minority and historically under-represented communities), developers (private sector), investment banks, re/insurance, small and medium business enterprises (SMEs), and DRR specialists.


And within "researchers", we include the fields of complex systems, environmental historical analysis, cultural policy, socio-economic processes, behavioural sciences, psycho-visual arts, ecosystem services, environmental physical science, etc.


This marriage of disciplines allows us to cross cultural contexts in both the vulnerable population and in the institutions that have responsibility for the management of natural hazards and - significantly - institutions responsible for ostensibly non-hazard issues (e.g. energy, industrial development, etc.).


The long time-scales to be examined combined with the broad range of stakeholders will enable us to examine the role of culture and policy and trade-offs evident in the need for economic development.

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