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"The ARUSEA community is co-developing our flagship program that effectively integrate our approach and generates sustainable prosperity"

Dinh Quoc Nguyễn & Andres Payo 

ARUSEA founders

Our pathway to prosperity is via developing social business

Unlike a charity, a social businesses generates profit and aims to be financially self sustaining. Removing the need for fundraising allows social businesses to re-invest profits back into generating sustainable social impact.

We  manage the disaster risk that hinders the prosperity pathway by addressing the root causes of disaster risk creation.

Unveiling the root causes of disaster risk creation is challenging but doable as we are demonstrating in our Hanoi and Metro Manila hyper-expanding cities project.

It's a hands-on approach to co-development.

ARUSEA community members has never before got together to develop such an ambitious  program but we all share the same vision and are committed to make it happen


Roadmap to ARUSEA flagship program
1 (6).JPG

21-25 May 2018

“All started with the Hanoi Workshop were we tackled the concept of cascading human-natural hazards in the context of a coastal megacity catchment and specifically within the Red River-Hanoi-Delta catchment.”

The application period for both ENTREPRENEURS and MENTORS is open now and until February 21st 
here  for Mentors
here  for Entrepreneurs
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